Moscow, 2005. Lillian, an American college student, falls ill with a mysterious disease. At the private “American” clinic, her first doctor is Spanish and the second is Russian, and soon her British ex-boyfriend has arrived through the window. As accents and cultures collide almost farcically, and time slips forwards and backwards in loops, Lillian’s disease begins to mutate, causing new and different symptoms in each person it infects, turning the world topsy-turvy in its wake.

Produced by Exquisite Corpse Company as part of the This Is A Distraction Festival @ The Parlour (NYC)
Directed by Julia Sears
Featuring Kristin Condon, Trevor Eichhorn, Ana Mirabal, John-Paul Stewart
August 2018


“Amidst the chaos, there is a calculated structure. Moments and lines within the scenes that are rich and fulfilling…” – No Proscenium

“Liliya uses language in many evocative ways. Everyone seems to be a foreigner bemusedly observing their surroundings. …. Characters speaking in accents and dialects achieve a hard-won honesty…” – Theatre Is Easy


Kristin Condon


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