Bob Sugarman’s story of repeated, horrific alien abductions was the inspiration for the 1994 blockbuster, Birds of Prey. Decades after the film, Bob is stumbling through a speaking tour, sharing his story with abductee support groups and imparting the lessons he’s learned from a lifetime of contact with our interplanetary visitors.

Imagine the worst thing that could happen to you. Imagine it happening again and again. Imagine the release of just… giving in.

A (not quite) one-person play (for 5+ voices) about responsibility, trauma, positive thinking, and the “alien” forces that control us.

Hatchlings Reading Series (NYC)
Staged Reading
Directed by Maddie O’Hara
July 2019

Produced by The Autonomists @ Dixon Place (NYC)
Workshop Production
Directed by Dara Malina
May 2018

Judson Memorial Church (NYC)
Workshop Reading
Directed by Michael Padden
December 2015



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