This Is A Protest of What Happened

A devised examination of the “deconstruction of the administrative state” through the lens of Italian Futurism, smashed against the giddy dread of Donald Trump’s favorite musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. A manic post-logic performance collage, inspired by our manic post-logic world in which everything is a protest of something.

Originally performed as part of The Brick‘s THIS IS NOT NORMAL FESTIVAL in June 2017, created by Dara Malina (Lead Artist), Alexis Roblan (Lead Artist), Kenard Jackson (Performer/Co-Creator), Eunyoung Bona Jung (Performer/Co-Creator), Gina Manziello (Performer/Co-Creator), Kea Trevett (Performer/Co-Creator), Jonathan Randell Silver (Co-Creator/Sound Designer), Amanda Clegg-Lyon (Lighting Designer), Kadaja Brown (Assistant Director), and Michael Padden (Producer).


Kenard Jackson, photo by Elizabeth Smith.


Kea Trevett, photo by Elizabeth Smith.


Eunyoung Bona Jung, photo by Elizabeth Smith.


Gina Manziello, photo by Elizabeth Smith.


Gina Manziello, Eunyoung Bona Jung, and Kea Trevett. Photo by Elizbeth Smith.


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