Full-Length Plays In Development

Weeks into the filming of her first indie feature film, Ali (the writer) arrives on set in rural Texas and learns that a deer was killed because she wrote it into the script. And the killing has only just begun. A play, loosely based on reality, about moral culpability, death, movies, the souls of all living things, and how easy it is to decide that nothing means anything.

Staged Reading as part of the Bushwick Starr Reading Series
Directed by Dara Malina
December 2019

The Andrew Play
Andrew dies, suddenly. His little sister, Lena, is lost. His older sister, Kate, is pissed. A play about siblings, loss, the confusing poetry of grief, and who owns your memory when you’re gone.

Thomas Barbour Award Reading Series
*WINNER: 11th Annual Thomas Barbour Playwrights Award
Co-Produced by New Perspectives Theatre Company and the Episcopal Actors Guild
Directed by Dara Malina
March 2018

New Perspectives Theatre Company
Women’s Work May Mini-Festival
Rehearsed Reading
Directed by Jenny Greeman
May 2015

Semi Finalist, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference
id Theater (McCall, Idaho)

March 2016

Semi Finalist, The O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
March 2016

The Soup Play
A white, female, progressive Brooklyn-based playwright tries to get inside the head (and marriage) of conservative Cuban-American Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his investment-banker wife, Heidi. A lonely, confusing attempt at empathy in the middle of the contentious 2016 presidential primaries, through the lens of identity politics, white liberalism, Campbell’s soup, and self-righteous apathy.

Workshop production by Exquisite Corpse Company
Corpse Revival Performance Series: Like Clockwork (Dixon Place)
Directed by Tess Howsam
January 2017

You Feel So Far Away Right Now
He’s into vore, she’s into centaurs (like, sexually). A dark comedy set in the isolating landscape of human relationships, and neighboring small towns on the Oregon coast.

Finalist, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
April 2017

The Runaways Lab (Chicago, IL)
Bookstore Reading
July 2016

Crashbox Theater Company’s Read.Play.Write IV (NYC)
Rehearsed Reading
Directed by Dara Malina
February 2016

Exquisite Corpse CompanyDrinks & Drama (Brooklyn, NY)
Rehearsed Reading
Directed by Dara Malina
May 2015

Sometimes It Feels Like That
While life may seem like a fairytale, sometimes it’s Grimm. Four teenage girls struggle to deal with their outsized emotions through epic love stories, Disney references, and street fighting. A play with music and movement.

Going To Tahiti Productions (New York City)
Workshop Production
Directed and Choreographed by Molly Ballerstein
August 2014

In the Beginning, there were no rules. Angered and confused in this new world, Cain murders his brother, Abel. He falls in love with the only woman he has ever known, his mother. He believes there are only four people, but finds a new one. What becomes of the Book of Genesis without God’s booming voice? What can we learn from our origin stories when they start to more closely resemble our own?

NYC/SC New Play Exchange (Spartanburg, SC)
Rehearsed Reading, Directed by Patric Lane Phillips
May 2014

Semifinalist, Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship
Princess Grace Foundation-USA (New York City)
July 2011

Semifinalist, Inkubator Festival
The Inkwell (Washington, D.C.)
October 2009



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