One-Act Plays

As the myriad ways we interact with media become more and more individualized, crafted to meet each person’s emotional makeup, biases, biorhythms, and points of empathy, the capacity of one individual to understand another’s internal life grows exponentially. But in this not-too-distant future, where you can tell your story clearly in someone else’s emotional language, Netta questions whether translating experience really creates understanding, if none of the details of that experience remain intact.

Inspired by the research of Dr. Heidi Boisvert, an MIT research affiliate currently developing the first media genome: an open-source biometric lab and AI system to isolate the narrative ingredients that move us to act.

Commissioned and produced by Transforma Theatre Company as part of the 2021 Science in Theatre Festival.
Directed by Bryn Herdrich
November 2021

Color Blue
A pitch black comedy that transfers an incident from modern Somalia — the brutal rape and murder of two young women by Al Shabaab militants who wanted one of the girls to marry their commander — to a US middle school campus. As two 13-year-old girls skip class to get stoned, this light comedy laced with pop culture references shifts in fits and starts towards something darker, examining the common threads of misogyny experienced by women in disparate global cultures, and the ability of all societies to ignore this psychic and physical violence.

Festival de Teatro Alternativo 2018 (Bogotá, Colombia)
Produced by New Perspectives Theatre Company
Directed by Melody Brooks
April 2018

New Perspectives Theatre Company’s Women’s Work Project
Short Play Retrospective Festival (NYC)
Directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene
February – March 2016

The Naked Expedition Project Monthly Reading Series (NYC)
Directed by Julio Monge
September 2014

The Montgomery Playhouse One-Act Festival (Gaithersburg, MD)
Directed by Kathleen Alvania
July 2014

The Disreputables’ SLUT Festival (Washington, D.C.)
Staged Reading
October 2012

New Perspectives Theatre Company Women’s Work Project Festival: TOXICITY (NYC)
Directed by Elysa Marden
August 2012

Bron is trying desperately to work on a new painting, but her husband Hu keeps demanding her attention (and her body), and her model/muse would rather be painted by a (male) master like Klimt. Part of Exquisite Corpse Company’s Secession 2015. Inspired by the life and work of Viennese artist Broncia Koller-Pinell.

Exquisite Corpse Company, Secession 2015
as part of the Faux / Real New Orleans Festival of Arts (New Orleans, LA)
Directed by Tess Howsam
November 2015

Exquisite Corpse Company, Secession 2015 (Governor’s Island, NY)
Marietta directed by Katie Lindsay (Secession 2015 directed by Tess Howsam)
July – August, 2015


Bruno and Larry are ghosts, stuck haunting a historic hotel for what might be an eternity. Realizing that they have no grasp on the actual rules of existence, they try to avoid a team of invasive ghost hunters while Larry freaks out about theoretical physics and Bruno laments the lack of jelly donuts in the afterlife.

South Street Players’ Tri-State Theatre Festival: Halloween Edition (Spring Lake, NJ)
October 2014

All This Time
Two bodies come into being. They dress each other and become a Boy and a Girl. They grow, they switch, it all begins again.

New Theatre’s Miami 1-Acts Festival (Miami, FL)
Directed by Kenya Moore
July 2014

The Secret Theatre‘s Long Island City One-Act Festival (New York City)
Directed by Brendan Naylor
January 2014

Two strangers confront existential crises and each other in an abandoned hotel in the middle of the night, in the middle of the California desert.

This Theater’s New Works By Fresh Jerks (New York City)
Staged Reading, Directed by Michael Padden
May 2014

We Pray
Cami and Lucy are sisters, trying to negotiate the meaning of religion, ritual, and family at their brother, Andrew’s funeral.

Communal Spaces : A Garden Play Festival (New York City)
Directed by Michael Padden
September 2012

Bible Burlesque (co-written with Rachel Kerry)
To raise money for the Edinburgh production of their biblical feminist burlesque-themed play, Rachel and Ali have decided to put on a night of hot, lurid bible stories – but they’ve got very different ideas about what that means. An hour of comic meta-theatrical sexy-time. In Biblical proportions.

Produced by Brain Melt Consortium as part of mini-FRIDGE 2012
Directed by Rachel Kerry
June 2012

Trouble Man (solo-performance piece, co-written with R. Ernie Silva)
A story about a man who finds trouble in smoke, mirrors and circular lies.

The One Festival, Teatro LaTea (New York City)
Directed by Mary Joan Negro
April 2012

Ashley Lynette Brown and Stephen Girasuolo in 'Color Blue,' August 2012. Photo by Lee Wexler.

Ashley Lynette Brown and Stephen Girasuolo in ‘Color Blue,’ August 2012. Photo by Lee Wexler.

Marlena Kalm and Elizabeth Audley in 'We Pray,' September 2012.

Marlena Kalm and Elizabeth Audley in ‘We Pray,’ September 2012.


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