Ten Minutes or Less

Love & Kindness (10-minute drama)
James is going through a break-up, and Sammy is angry about politics. A fight about empathy, and the right way to treat the people we no longer know how to talk to.

Directed by Lillian Meredith as part of
Intimate Bar Plays (Greenwich Treehouse, NYC)
The Motor Company
February – March 2017

B.C. (10-minute comedy)
15-year-olds Johna and Claire are having a sleepover. Claire takes sexy selfies and texts relentlessly. Johna obsesses over her unrequited crush and desperate need for moral guidance. But when that guidance arrives in a form more supernatural (and judgmental) than she expected, the girls are left more confused than they started.

Directed by Marissa Shadburn
The Dirty Blondes Bombshell Benefit (NYC)
May 2016

God Bless You and Be Safe (10-minute comedy)
Claudia has been in a horrible accident, but her estranged younger sister, Janice, isn’t willing to accept that anything is beyond her control.

The Dirty Blondes’ Play in a Day Festival: The Comments Section (NYC)
Directed by Darren Johnston
January 2016

The Battle of Lower Sioux Agency (10-minute comedy)
Candy’s student loans have just gone into repayment, and she’s considering moving into her sister’s basement. Brett’s just out of law school and unemployed. A comedy about fantasizing about fighting back.

Speranza Theatre Company’s Seasonal Shorts (Part of JC Fridays) (Jersey City, NJ)
September 2015

Naked Women Eating (10-minute comedy)
Three NSA employees fight terrorism and boredom by sifting through endless dick pics to find relevant intelligence — or whatever else piques their interest.

New Theatre’s Miami Winter 1-Acts Festival (Miami, FL)
Directed by Erik Rodriguez
December 2014

Mac Tonight (10-minute comedy)
Roommates Jake and Claudette discover a long-forgotten pop culture reference that makes Claudette question everything she knows — while Jake focuses on the real-world dangers lurking just outside their apartment.

Ugly Rhino Productions, TinyRhino: Ghost Stories (Brooklyn, NY)
Directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene
October 2014

Off the Cliff (10-minute comedy)
Danielle and Evey discuss guy troubles over manicures, until their manicurist reveals himself to be a forgotten high school classmate-turned AWOL drone pilot.

Over Here Theatre‘s ObamAmerica Festival (London, UK)
Directed by Suzette Coon
June 2014

INTAR‘s American Nightcap: First Sip (New York City)
Directed by Sharone Halevy
January 2014

Craft Heights (10-minute comedy)
A newcomer to a Brooklyn crafting studio discovers that mask-making is about more than glitter and glue guns.

New York Madness (New York City)
Directed by Michael Padden
January 2014

Leaf-Eaters (10-minute comedy)
Alyssa and Jared are bored at work. They’re bored with life. To alleviate their boredom, they watch viral videos on the internet, chat about past ambitions, start an illicit office romance, and possibly murder a coworker. A play about sloth.

The Dirty Blondes’ Sin In the City Festival (New York City)
Directed by Stephen Cyr
February 2013

Bourbon Whiskey Rummikub (10-minute comedy)
It’s time for Jake to meet the parents, but Sue insists that he learn – and master — her family’s favorite game before they go. Can this relationship survive cutthroat Rummikub?

Heartland Theatre Company 10-Minute Play Festival (Normal, IL)
Directed by Misti Dawn Crossland
June/July 2012

Alaska (one-minute play)
Mindy has a boyfriend. Her best friend, Lil, isn’t happy about it. A tale of two 13-year-old potheads.

Adaptive Arts Theatre Company (New York City)
One Minute Play Festival
March 2011

Nikolas Priest and Turquoise Olezene in 'Leaf-Eaters,' February 2013.

Nikolas Priest and Turquoise Olezene in ‘Leaf-Eaters,’ February 2013.

Misti Crossland and Kent Nusbaum in 'Bourbon Whiskey Rummikub,' June 2012.

Misti Crossland and Kent Nusbaum in ‘Bourbon Whiskey Rummikub,’ June 2012.


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